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EMS Billing Services Inc. P.O. Box 641880 Omaha, NE 68164 877-367-9111 Fax: 402-965-8594   Patient inquires: 800-367-9111 Fire billing inquires: 866-367-9112 Insurance companies and attorneys: 402-572-4019

Staff Extensions

Please call 877-367-9111, followed by the extension listed below.

Audra M. New Account Implementation Coordinator CAC – Ext. 1025
Aprile S. Revenue Management Specialist – Ext. 1008
Ashley L. Revenue Management Specialist – Ext. 1031
Barb F. Finance Coordinator – Ext. 1030
Barb V. Enrollment Specialist/Bookkeeper – Ext. 1018
Beth G. Certified Biller — Ext. 1015
Brian S. Secretary/Treasurer
Cheri T. Operations Support – Ext. 1037
Dave K. Sales/Project Implementation
Deb H. Operations Support – Ext. 1040
Diane G. Revenue Management Specialist — Ext. 1008
Joel J. FEH Billing Manager Processing Support – Ext. 1024
Judi M. Resolution Agent – Ext. 1000
Judy R. Operations Support – Ext. 1017
Kristi M. Accounts Receivable Specialist – Ext. 1034
Leslie V. CEO/President – Ext. 1001
Lisa C. Operations Support — Ext. 1011
Lisa D. Operations and Finance Supervisor — Ext. 1005
Lorrie G. Processing Support — Ext. 1014
Marcia G. Revenue Management Specialist – Ext. 1008
Melissa K. Accounts Receivable Specialist – Ext. 1009
Michaela B. Enrollment and Implementation Supervisor CAC – Ext. 1010
Michele M. Director of Processing/Training – Ext. 1007
Michelle O. Revenue Management Specialist – Ext. 1032
Monica K. Revenue Management Specialist – Ext. 1019
Nicole L. Processing Support – Ext. 1044
Noel B. Implementation Support – Ext .1038
Nancy M. Operations Support – Ext. 1022
Pamela B. Director of HIPAA Compliance/Research/Collections FEH Billing — Ext. 1003
Paula R. Resolution Agent – Ext. 1027
Rita Y. Processing Support – Ext. 1012
Shannon S. Certified Biller – Ext. 1004
Stephanie H. Revenue Management Specialist – Ext. 1032
Sue M. Office Coordinator – Ext. 1013
Suzanne K. IT Support – Ext. 1020
Theresa P. Revenue Management Specialist – Ext. 1029
Tiffiny P. Accounts Receivable Specialist – Ext. 1028
Wendi E. Resolution Agent – Ext .1023
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“Staying up with all of the regulations is truly a full-time job. Using EMS Billing Services has saved us a lot of time and headaches. This removes a big workload from our volunteers.”

Doug R.

“It is nice to know that people who know what they are doing are taking care of us. I would not want to have to worry about billing our patients directly.”

Cheri J.

“Qualified, timely and knowledgeable staff make it easy for a small department to maintain acceptability for the changing world of Medicaid/Medicare.”

Dan C.

“Increased revenue to our small department has been a Godsend for us.”

Diana D.

“Because of the collections generated by EMS Billing Services, we were able to upgrade to a new ambulance that is advanced life support capable. Having advanced life support is very beneficial when you have longer transport times like we do.”

Tony E.

“We are sure that all of the billing is being coded correctly and in a timely manner.”

Terri A.

“We do not have to spend hours on the paperwork and trying to collect ourselves.”

Jolene A.

“Revenues are going up steadily.”

Vicki S.


“We have had nothing but a positive experience with EMS Billing. It was the best decision we could have made in finding someone to do our billing.”


“We have purchased a newer rescue unit and a power cot, as well as the fact that because of the income from the billing, have gotten our rescue service completely self sufficient.”

Montee S.

“We actually get something back when we get all the paperwork done.”

Teresa H.

“EMS Billing has taken the workload and the pressure out of the office by filing and taking care of the claims process. Being the Village manager, it makes my job easier to present to the council the revenue that the EMS is bringing in versus what we are getting.”

Larry W.

“You provide excellent service and provide step by step procedures on how to use the system. Excellent, excellent work!”


“It's a great feeling knowing that everything is being taken care of. It is a big relief. A big weight was taken off my shoulders. Feels great!”


“They became an all-inclusive agency that allowed us to free up more time for our administrative staff.”

Gerry L.

“The change in revenue has been phenomenal. Before we started using EMS Billing Services, we were collecting $1,000 or less a year. Now we’re collecting almost $70,000.”

Brant M.

“Having a billing service frees up time and manpower that is better used in training and other projects to better our department.”

Jeff G.

“We wouldn't be comfortable working with the insurance companies' and Medicare's coding for billing. It's a necessary job we don't have to worry about! Thanks for your service!”


“I truly appreciate all the work you guys do. I only hear good things from patients when they have had any interaction from EMS Billing. I take great pride is having a company like you represent us and do the billing.”


“You are always there to help me when I need your help. I can count on you to tell me what I need to do to take care of our patients.”

Jacqueline M.

“Customer service is great! Never had to talk to a crabby employee and all are very personable! Go to work right away to answer or help with anything.”


“We have taken in more revenue since you started billing for us. We recommend your billing service to many who have contacted us.”

Anti J.

“All of our runs are being billed. EMS Billing Services makes sure we are in compliance with Medicare and Medicaid.”

Jean P.